Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gap 30% off - Four Day Sale

I just came across this email and thought you'd all be interested.

It is good for The Gap and Old Navy.
I printed one off for myself and we'll see if it works!
Happy Long Weekend (Shopping)!

Monday, July 27, 2009



We enjoyed a week at the lake, well the city around a lake! We didn't really "rough-it" though we did spend a week in a VERY small trailer. Fortunately the weather was good and we only spent time inside sleeping and seeking safety from a bear in our campsite one evening.

There was hiking...

playing on the beach ...

and in the lake ...

enjoying the sun... (really, she's only 6!)

evening camp fires...

smores !!

checking out the scenery ...

relaxing ...

time with Daddy ...

"our" family day.

We did an average of the month and dates of our birthdays and found out that it was July 16th. Moto-Moto and I decided that every year on that day we will have ice cream for supper!! CJ didn't believe us until we had ice cream in hand from Big Olafs. It was SO good! The girls decided to have fresh cookies from the bakery for dessert too!!

It was nice to get away but I was really happy to get home to my own bed and away from the BUGS!! (Thanks to AV for taking care of Mac.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Treasured Farewell

It occurred to me that CJ has been out of school for a month already!

Her end of year farewell was a pirate theme which she was thrilled with, she and Moto-Moto play pirates regularly. She had the perfect outfit to wear ~ her pink glitter skull & crossbones shirt, jean skirt
& white with black heart-crossbone leggings.

Our teacher gifts were treasure boxes filled with sand, gold coins, jewels, a special treasure map thank-you from CJ and a gift card for Starbucks. (Hope you all enjoyed a cool beverage on us!)

For the snack table we made pirate ship & skull-crossbones cookies.

After a trip to the spray park CJ came home to a surprise
"Welcome Summer" banner
(wish I could remember who to give credit to.)

It's hard to believe that summer holidays are nearly 1/2 over!!!
Off for a splash tomorrow with The Sprout & Sassy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beaver Creek Hike

We went for a trial hike with the baby backpack for CD.
We were welcomed to Beaver Creek with fresh out of the Solar Oven chocolate chip cookies!! They were delish!

CJ educated us on what she knew about solar energy
and learned a few new facts.

Of course CD was happy because there was food!

I must say that the baby backpack is the way to go when walking on nature trails, last time we tried carrying CD and switching off. This was much easier... well for me anyway! I got to take lots of pictures!

See, I was there too!

We even got to see a beaver taking a break from his den building.

Back up at the interpretive center, the girls stopped to make fish prints!

No real, live fish were harmed in the making of this craft,
they used rubber replicas!
(Though I must confess in my Playground Leader
days we did this craft with some from the grocery store fish department! It was when the Spice Girls were popular and all the girls at the park glammed up their fish like their favorite Spice Girl.)

It was quick trip but a fun one!

Back in town we had "fish and chips" for supper.
Tee hee.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Canada Day!!

Picnic in the park with Canada Day RK squares
(those are red and white maple leaf sprinkles!)
CJ sporting her new short hair!!
She decided to go short for the fall and grade one!
She looks so grown up!!
(My darling decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love!!)

Play time with my independent little and not so little girls!

I feel so luck to be a Canadian!
I love this home of ours!
"God keep our land
Glorious and free!"
Pop Star Photo Shoot

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After CJ's birthday party we went on a photo shoot. We found this great graffiti wall on a business downtown. At first CJ would not get out of the car "I'm NOT having my picture taken there!" Until I told her she could jump off the curb and act like HM. We got some great photos in the 10minutes before the rain came down!! We'll definitely be going back again for some more poses with her now MUCH shorter hair and pierced ears!
(Thanks to Sassy for the collage idea... I may have to subscribe to this so it can be posted to look much cleaner and nice like yours!!)