Friday, April 30, 2010

Saucy's Scrap Each Day in May

I've taken on Saucy's challenge and I'm going to try hard to get caught up on some scrapbooking. It's actually embarrassing how far behind I am, so much so that I can no longer refer to myself as a Scrapbooker! I have now adopted Kate's title of "Scrap Procrastinator"!
We shall see how it goes this month. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scholastic Warehouse Sale

50% off Scholastic Book Warehouse sale:

Wednesday, April 28th 8 am – 5 pm

Thursday, April 29th 8 am – 7 pm

Friday, April 30th 8 am – 5 pm

Saturday, May 1st 9 am – 2 pm

Open to the public, no children allowed in the warehouse due to safety.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade Baby Gifts

We were thrilled to finally meet our friend's baby yesterday! She is absolutely perfect!!
M & N are going to be wonderful parents
and are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!
We knew that we needed to create something special for their daughter!

We jazzed up this little onesie with a little calendar with her birthday circled and a few fabric flowers. They are going to look even better after it's washed a few more times.
(I have checked through all my favorites and can't find where I first saw this idea so thank you creative person in blog land!)

CJ helped make this canvas for Mom & Dad to display one of their favorite photos of their daughter. We included extra photo tabs so they could change the photo if they want.
This one was inspired by a canvas that CD received when she was born.
(Thanks CS)

And here is Mom with her new one month old bundle of joy !
You did good guys!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bug Catchers from WhiMSy Love

The girls and I whipped up these cute little bug catcher necklaces today after school. You can check out the tutorial by WhiMSy love to make one of your own too! CJ came home with a clover clutched tight in her hands and kept asking me to hold it for her. So we found a quick and easy solution to hold on to the tiny little treasures that she would find outside. We didn't have any of the little plastic cases from the candy machines but used the clear snap lid containers from Dollarama. They come in two sizes ~ the larger size for CJ (6 in a pkg) and the smaller ones for CD (8 in a pkg). We'll post pictures of ours after we spend the day outside tomorrow. I worry about all the lady bugs that CD will try to capture and stuff inside... maybe she can be pursuaded to find pebbles!!

(Kinderteacher we thought you might like this one.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cupcake Stand

I must remember to keep my eye out for treasures and supplies while at the thrift shops to make this cupcake stand by Givers Log.

You can swap out the plates for a completely different look.

Check out how easy the tutorial is to make your own.

(I'll let you know how it goes when I gather
everything all together and try to assemble my own.
Local readers, please remember to leave some treasures for me at the Village!)

~ just imagine the possibilities!!