Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fairy Houses

Welcome Fairies!

We spent the morning making mud bricks ...

Enjoyed a great picnic lunch with a fabulous friend then the girls went around the yard gathering items to construct fairy homes. We saw the idea here
and have been waiting for a hot (dry) day to try it.

CJ found just the right items to size to make a chair, table and a little bed. I love the middle of a daisy that she used for the pillow. CJ spent a long time working her little fairy house.

CD reminded me of the Little Pig who built his house out of straw... get it done quick ~ go play in the sandbox and water table, slide, run around, play in the water, wash her wagon, swing, play on the monkey bars....

I wonder when the fairies will move in?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Published Story

Read a book, write a story, read a book ....

Keeping CJ busy this summer
may be a little harder than I thought!

I gave her one of the Rainbow Magic Jewel Fairies books yesterday thinking it would take her a week or so to finish... she sat down and read for an hour AND FINISHED IT! Luckily I have 6 more to give her.