Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 18 to Day 22 HOME

Day 18

Was a driving day. From Eugene Oregon to Yakima Washington with a few stops on the way...

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Clackmas OR... mmmm

 Day 19 
Driving Day from Yakima to ...

 see my amazing beautiful Great AUNTIE Marj!!

A quick stop at Sun-Oka Beach 

Some of Auntie's beautiful flowers

We stayed at the Rosedale Motel... the same one that my Grandma used to stay at when she spent winters in Summerland as a break from the freezing prairies.

 Our visit was far to short but I'm so glad that we finally made it to BC and spent a couple days with my favorite Auntie.  
Day 21 was spent driving from Summerland to ...

 Golden where we stayed at the Tschurtschentaler Lodge 
Another one of those places I wish we had more time to enjoy. This Bed & Breakfast was AMAZING! Brandy was an incredible  hostess and breakfast was SO good!

 Day 22 was drive from Golden to Calgary where we spent the night and hit a few shops before home (Ikea, Bath and Body Works etc)
 Treasures found at Mt Stephen AB

 Very quick lunch at Drumheller


(can't figure how to turn it on here, sorry)

We're almost home...
After all the landscape we saw over our trip ~ canyons, mountains, valleys, coastal highway, redwood forest... the prairies really are FLAT!!


But I do appreciate how much we can see...
"Land of the Living Skies"  
7839 km!!!
And worth every memory!!
It was an amazing trip, so glad that we were able to do this kind of a trip at least once as a family! Not sure that we need to do a road trip that is this intense again for a long while! 
It took A LOT of planning! 
A LOT!! 
I knew we were doing this 2 years ahead of time so was able to get my travel book all in order... I really had a travel book!! Divided into sections ~ journal portion in the front then the last 1/2 for hotel reservations, phone numbers, addresses, hours of attractions, sights to see, etc. The front and back covers had two large envelopes inside for restaurant coupons, invoices and receipts. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 17 Part 3

 A little further down the highway...
Good-bye California, Hello Oregon
 We stopped at the Oregon Sand Dunes

Yet another reminder what to do in the event of a Tsunami or earthquake...
 We stopped just outside of Florence at one of the many beach entrances of the sand dunes... it is hard to walk up & down those hills! Good work out!!

 The tide was SUPER strong and washed LOTS of shells on the shore but because of it`s power many were broken but the girls collected enough to share with the cousins and BFF.

 The rest of us were cuddled in our hoodies and jackets while Moto-Moto was quite comfortable in his t-shirt! He walked way out and brought back some intact shells.
 Back up and over...

 CD was exhausted so slid down and when she got to the bottom was a few pounds heavier with all the sand that made it`s way into her clothing!

Off for supper at A&W which didn`t serve our favorite Uncle Burger but you could get SHRIMP! Go figure!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 17 Part 2

 We left the Trees of Mystery and drove up the coast to Crescent City to explore some tidal pools. CD was so excited!! She had been looking forward to this as much as meeting the Princesses at Disneyland. It was a bit chilly but so exciting to explore everything around the dark gritty sand and pools!

  The girls found all kinds of things among the rocks and little pools ~ crabs, shells, clams, fish, anemones, purple kelp & sea weed.

We had more miles to make but what an amazing view!!