Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

The theme for this Father's Day started with CD's gift from school~
Super "pop" that Kindergarten teacher thought up...
The girls wanted to have a photoshoot
like we do on Mother's Day so a 
photoshoot it was...

 The hardest part was finding a phone booth!!
We changed locations and costumes &
he escorted some beautiful princesses... 

These girls have a great Dad!
One of their favorite things is how silly he is...

Thank you for being their hero!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


For 10 weeks CJ has been running 
4k a week at school.
On the day of the SK Marathon students were invited to finish their last 2.2k on the race course.

CJ was the first one to check in from her school and ended up running with some girls from my school.

 AV & RK were there to see her cross the finish line with us!
AV is crazy into fitness and running and cross fit and was super proud of her (as was I!!)

Our next goal is a 5K with BFF and her Mom in one of the color runs in the city! yikes! I've been looking at "couch potato to 5k" training!
Wish us luck or better yet ~ join us!!